Mulberry Inn Women with Children’s Home

Our residential programs are 90 day working programs that let people in difficult situations receive a hand up to get back on track to responsible living. After an initial interview and assessment of the individual, if accepted into the program the client will be required to attend classes, counseling and volunteering. After a brief period of time where some healing is done, a stable environment is established and life and job skills have been determined the clients are encouraged to seek employment.

While our 90 day program is a free (provided for by grants, generous donations, and proceeds from our thrift stores) we start to assess service fees there after until the client completes are program. 89% of clients complete life skill training, job training, and money management classes. 80% leave with stable employment and permanent housing.

We have transitional homes for men and for women with children.


After some time the founders of New Beginnings began to notice that they couldn’t possibly keep up with the needs in the community. Research shows that it costs nearly 90% less to prevent an episode of homelessness for a family of 4 then to help the family out of homelessness. It cost on average about $12,000 to get a family out of homelessness and only $1,600 to prevent that same family from becoming homeless. With this in mind two important prevention programs were started.

Community Advocate Program: Provides resources and support for families “at risk” of homelessness. For some families that means getting them signed up for services they are eligible for or helping them seek employment. For a few families this can include are Community Advocate Partnership Program, where we partner with local hotels to provide a hand up. While that family is in our program completing life skill training, job training, and money management classes; they are provided a room at half the normal rate so they can save up for permanent housing and get back on their feet.

Mentor Program: Volunteers are trained and matched with families by our Community Advocate and Case Manager to work with an “at risk” family in need of friend to give good guidance and advice on responsible living. For more info on becoming a Mentor contact Venoris Patten at (954) 224-9926 or  

MENTOR APPLICATION FORM  You can fax your form to 352-404-6947 Attn: Mentor Program.


As the needs grew in our community New Beginnings spearheaded an effort give relief and hope to more of the community through partnerships with local churches, businesses and ourselves. We serve over 400 people weekly from our food pantries and our Helping Hands Outreach program.

Helping Hands Outreach: Held on Saturday’s in the Winn-Dixie parking lot in Clermont to feed and minister to the less fortunate. After registering clients receive a free bag of groceries and canned goods, can sign up for services through Florida’s ACCESS program, as well as look receive gently used clothes and shoes. This outreach is also provided at our New Beginnings Thrift Store on 192 in Kissimmee.

Food Pantry: Partnering with local grocery stores, churches, companies, and civic groupsto host food drives to fill our pantry where families and individuals can receive a free bag of groceries and canned goods.

Tutoring & Reading Program: Twice a week for an hour “at risk” children receive free tutoring to help improve grades, increase self-esteem and expose them to positive role models. A bag of groceries and hygiene products and clothes offered.



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Join us in solving a huge concern regarding the lack of affordable housing.  Per Florida Dept of Education, there are thousands of homeless children in Central Florida. New Beginnings is actively pursuing donations to acquire and build more affordable rentals so they have a place they can call home. Please donate to help low income, hard working families, as well as, Seniors and disabled veterans in need.