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CHRIS GERBASI | Staff Writer They may be living in motels or cars, or at campgrounds or grandma’s house. School-age children can fit the definition of “homeless” in a variety of ways, and the Lake County School District is providing services to a significant number of them: about 2,500 students on any given day. […]

It’s not only the holidays that are tough these days for families and students here in Lake County. For many, simple household supplies and furnishings are tough enough to afford when it takes everything they have just to provide a warm meal. That’s why we are so blessed to be able to assist these families […]

New Beginnings of Lake County in combined support with local businesses and individuals united this year to make Christmas joyous for many local families.  Throughout the month of December a number of toys, food and other items were donated to the organization ultimately serving hundreds of families in need this holiday season.  Many dedicated volunteers […]


Clermont group that helps homeless sees rising demand on food ministry By Rosemarie Dowell, CORRESPONDENT June 2, 2011 CLERMONT — A faith-based organization for the homeless is scrambling to meet the increasing demands on its food ministry, brought about by high unemployment and rising food costs. New Beginnings in Clermont began the outreach a year […]

Florida Governor Rick Scott has proposed devastating cuts to homeless programs for the State of Florida. The Department of Children & Families has also proposed to eliminate all homeless funding. Will we balance the budget on the backs of homeless families and children? Call Gov. Rick Scott, Senator Negron and Representative Hudson and tell them […]

WHAT CAN YOU DO? 1) Pray 2) Offer to adopt a homeless child in your community and provide a bag of groceries weekly and love/mentor a child 3) Open your wallet and offer to pay 1 month of a motel room ( many places are giving huge discounts during the slow months ) 4) Write/call […]

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27 Feb 2011

‘New Beginnings’ in the Media May, 2010 – Joining the Family New Beginnings’ new Women and Children’s Home gives Women and Children a Feeling of “Home” August 25, 2009 – New center aims to help homeless find jobs, By Lori Carter, Special To The Sentinel MINNEOLA – A job-training center has opened to assist the […]

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