The Great I AM…but Who Am I?

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Is it not everyday that we are bombarded with tv commercials, magazine ad’s, celebrities and billboards that magnify our imperfections? Do you have wrinkles?… there’s a cream for that. Are you not happy enough?… there’s a pill for that. Are … Continued

Defining Inspiration

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This was a great blog and wanted to pass it along…. How exactly do you define inspiration? It’s easy enough to fall into the push and pull of everyday life, just trying to get through the day and hoping for … Continued

New Statistics

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New information and statistics reported by Lake County Schools as of April 1, 2011. Total students in Lake County: 16,888 Reported homeless students in Lake County: 2,100 Reported homeless students in South Lake County: 800 (600 of these students are … Continued

Governor Rick Scott Proclaims April as Florida Volunteer Month!

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Recognizing the millions of Floridians who volunteer annually and also encouraging other Floridians to serve our state’s communities, Governor Rick Scott has proclaimed April 2011 as Florida Volunteer Month. The Florida Volunteer Month celebration, sponsored by the Governor’s Commission on … Continued

Out of Sight, Out of Mind…The Hidden Homeless

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Out of sight, out of mind…while most of us sit down tonight in front of our home theaters…others are just looking for a home.  I’ve read several blogs, online postings and stories of just shear desperation from mothers crying out … Continued

Volunteering…Change Lives Including Your Own

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When you volunteer, you make it possible for those in need, right here in our community, to regain self-esteem and build new lifestyle’s.   By stepping out of your comfort zone and into a new experience you will learn things about yourself and others … Continued

Homeless…Let’s Lose The Stereotype

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When it comes to homelessness, do you listen with your eyes open or shut?  Sure, it’s easy to see the man on the side of the road holding the crumbled cardboard sign.  Yes, you see him… but more than likely … Continued